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Science and technology innovation leads the yangzhou economic transformation development

Date: 2015-01-15

Science and technology innovation leads the yangzhou economic transformation development
Since this year, we earnestly implement the municipal committee of the general requirements of "innovation, integration development", insist on "building an innovative city, developing innovative economy" work of the main line, the industry transformation development and innovation, carrier platform construction, improve the capacity production, collaborative innovation four elements, promote the economic transformation and upgrading. The development of the new luminescent spot has four aspects:
Strong, high and new technology industry development. To speed up the pace of industrialization of high and new technology research and development and to realize the industrial chain and chain innovation two-way integration development, according to the statistical caliber, high and new technology industrial output value accounted for rules on proportion of industrial output increased by 1% over the previous year, 43.5%. Strengthen industrial technology innovation, in the automotive, mechanical, software information, new materials, and other areas of the industry to organize the implementation of 110 industry technology research and development projects, the new development of the provincial high-tech products, 638, jiangsu third, expected the application for a patent for 20000, 10000 authorization.
Promote substantial transformation of scientific and technological achievements, focusing on major projects, the implementation of investment of 50 million yuan of above item 53 transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the project, including 13 projects for major science and technology achievements transformation projects, approved capital of 120 million yuan, ranked the province third, approved by the special funds for three consecutive years more than one hundred million yuan. Vigorously develop high and new technology industry, high-tech industry continued investment in the city prosperous, strong vitality, the characteristics of high and new technology industry investment 30% for two consecutive years to maintain rapid growth, annual high and new technology industrial production is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan for the first time, the proportion of total output value of industrial was 43.5%, and the strong support of industrial economy "high-profile".
- continuously improve enterprise technology innovation ability. New high-tech enterprises 92, a total of 524; 18 listed province science and technology to cultivate new enterprises, a total of 75. To introduce the innovation resources enterprises, enterprises and institutes of colleges and universities in 496 signed the new science and education cooperation projects, the new alliance between colleges, 121. Real will set up the enterprise research and development institutions, and guide enterprises intensify the building of research and development institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises r&d spending accounts for the proportion of sales revenue of 1.6%, corporate r&d institutions at or above the provincial level in the whole city break through 400, large and medium-sized industrial enterprise r&d has a rate of 93.9%, with research and development staff of 18600 people.
Practical technology service coverage to the enterprise, the new registration services, 468 science and technology, the total number of more than 2000, science and technology service industry tax revenue growth of 39.5%, continue to lead in services.
- the carrier of science and technology to speed up the construction layout. Promote the park gear upgrades, accelerate the yangzhou create state-level high-tech zone in the zone and invite ministry of science and technology group of experts to Yang on-site guidance, promote ecological new town of science and technology, speeding up innovation transformation in gaoyou lake west new district, "by the provincial government and provincial high-tech zone related material notice forwarded to the department of science, the city formed a" report, a case, better "create echelon in the zone.
Promote science and technology incubator function, the city's 12 at or above the provincial level science and technology incubator public research and development, science and technology investment and financing, intellectual property, software service functions such as operations management to further improve, 120 new hatching enterprises, is currently in hatch, 685, graduated from hatching enterprise 42, total output value 1.89 billion yuan, sales income 1.68 billion yuan.
- political implication gold synergy innovation to deepen. Overall domestic and international two kinds of resources, improving the industry-university-institute cooperation system, in-depth implementation of the new "science and education cooperation", all kinds of production activity of more than 30 games, which are held in tsinghua university, Microsoft, philips and other academics or r&d center of well-known enterprises, the innovation center, 52, (yangzhou) international medical park planning and construction in Shanghai, yangzhou intelligent equipment science and technology park of tsinghua university, southeast university science park, yangzhou university science park opening BBS.
Explore international technology cooperation, organization enterprise with eight countries including Russia, Germany, Israel, scientific research institutions and experts team of technological cooperation and exchange, respectively, and the national university of ballarat, Australia, belarus gomel signed scientific and technological cooperation and technology transfer agreement. Innovation of science and technology service pattern and yangzhou innovation stage, the province's first scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship college was established in jan. Yangzhou established intellectual property rights protection assistance service center, patent circuit trial court, intensify protection of intellectual property and services. Strengthen financial cooperation of science and technology, set up financial services centre of science and technology of yangzhou, building science and technology enterprise financing needs of yangzhou library.
In 2015, we will be according to the general secretary of xi August 18 speech "good drive the innovation development strategy implementation" the overall deployment, as well as to put forward "three requirements" in jiangsu, this topic comprehensively promote innovative city construction, from the ability of independent innovation and deepening the reform of science and technology system two aspects of synchronization, focus on the following four reform and six key work.