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Documentaries "grand canal" to raise the follow-up completed post-production before the Spring Festival

Date: 2014-12-31

Yangzhou net news (reporter TaoMin) CCTV large cultural documentary "grand canal" this year to raise, the reporter learns yesterday attachment CCTV playwright-director, programs are post-production phase, before the Chinese New Year to complete all the post-production, the premiere of the film, the time has not yet been finalized.
By CCTV science and education programme production center, China, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) national committee, the central is group joint effort of large cultural documentary "grand canal", is a key project of this year's CCTV, from along the Banks of the canal culture and the nostalgia of the waterway from one thousand huaxia granary, waterfront, hall and its owners, cavity and flow, delicious, ancient bridge of incarnations, the depths of the old street eight chapters, through story and detail, present the grand canal in enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation, promote cultural fusion played a huge role in different areas, at the same time, also show the grand canal, with the sound of the vivid painting language charm, will use thick canal customs spread traditional Chinese culture to the world.
So, when we can see CCTV large cultural documentary "grand canal"? The show's director said, "is currently in post-production phase, broadcast should be in the years, there is no sure the premiere time."