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"Wenbo will" yangzhou branch of closing Yangzhou is expected to become a permanent venue

Date: 2014-12-15

China jiangsu network on December 15 - "wenbo will" yangzhou branch yesterday officially closed. It is understood that this is "wenbo will hold the nine since," located in the city of outside Beijing for the first time at the venue, and yangzhou first "the" font size large cultural industry international trade activities. Statistics show that "wenbo will" three days accumulated nearly 24000 the number of the exhibition, agreed on investment of 110 million yuan.
Nearly 24000 people in three days
The "wenbo will" sponsored by the organizing committee of the Chinese "wenbo will", to undertake the ccpit, yangzhou city in jiangsu province people's government, the secretariat of the international chamber of commerce in jiangsu province, city business bureau, municipal ccpit is carried out. According to the organizing committee "wenbo will" provide statistics show that in 12 to 14, "wenbo will" accumulated 126 exhibitors, among them 28 overseas exhibition number accumulated more than 23800 people, including foreign audiences for more than thirty percent, live more than 1600 ten thousand yuan.
Culture communion service trade international cooperation (including Beijing) attending enterprises total 182, including 15 foreign institutions or enterprises, 42 butt joint cooperation projects, all kinds of cooperation agreement between seven and project value of 110 million yuan.
Yangzhou puppet, popular stories, jing is colourful
The reporter understands, on display in the three-day intangible cultural heritage in the process, in order to make people better experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage, the organizers also specially set up a deduction in the center of the both stage, the performance of yangzhou popular stories, "yuchuanyuan" (and qing song, puppets, YangJu, guqin with characteristic of yangzhou, and foreign excellent performances of intangible cultural heritage.
"12, 13, 14, in the afternoon all day in the afternoon, we held a show, invited are our yangzhou taishan beidou level in terms of intangible cultural heritage. Now yangzhou traditional cultural heritage such as yangzhou qing qu, young people learn less and less, we want to be able to wake up people, wake up the whole literary inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage." Relevant personage introduces Wen Guangxin bureau.
"A puppet show is very interesting, little one on the front of the stage looked to see!" Visiting tourists weeks ms smile, her own daughter love toys at ordinary times, "like after we see the yangzhou puppet show, have to wait for end of touching just go away!"
Of course, is not only the intangible cultural heritage of yangzhou local let people feel the unique cultural charm, the nonlocal non-material cultural heritage, such as sichuan face show won a standing ovation.
"Suddenly changed a dozen face brush, amazing, I have been in the front of the stage, how did not see was." A citizen wowed onlookers.
Yangzhou is expected to be a
Permanent at the venue
It is understood that the "wenbo is" held in Beijing for the first time since the ninth outside of the city set up at the venue, and yangzhou first "the" font size large cultural industry international trade activities. "China will wenbo is the gold-lettered signboard of culture industry at home and abroad show exchanges, yangzhou will, through its characteristics at home and abroad to display the yangzhou cultural products, cultural products and cultural industry." Vice chairman of the China council for the promotion of international trade committee of yangzhou Du Bin said, "we hope that by a few years time, to establish yangzhou as permanent at the venue, bring more culture, exhibition, science and technology, tourism and other new economic growth point." Reporter correspondent Yang ShangXuan Chen Gao Jun photography Shen Yangsheng