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Yangzhou, optimization services Improve the service level

Date: 2014-12-14

Yesterday afternoon, the mayor Zhu Minyang professional research and promoting the construction of service center for senior citizens to coordinate work. He emphasized to the construction of service center for senior citizens as an important content of "happiness yangzhou" construction, enrich the service functions, improve service levels, it make the elderly activity is a good place for leisure in the city. Municipal committee, deputy mayor ding chun, vice mayor Zhang Baojuan, city secretary He Jinfa participated in the activities.
Zhu Minyang came to yangzhou JunXiu cadres service center, to examine center function facilities and surrounding environment, to listen to yangzhou city elderly activity report service center planning and construction. "Old age education, elderly activities, planning and construction for old service of municipal service center for senior citizens are undertaking development, city of the requirements to the 12th five-year plan, is this year's municipal party committee, municipal government document" number one "the solemn promise to the society. After several rounds of selection and scheme report, decided to take military and civilian building mode, in the service center of yangzhou JunXiu cadres on the basis of the implementation of upgrade, increase service center for senior citizens in the city function.
Zhu Minyang points out, "happiness is not happiness, the old word", to attach great importance to service center for senior citizens, as the important contents of the construction of the "happiness yangzhou", make concerted efforts to grasp implementation. To service center for senior citizens as civil-military integration development of innovation, practical, continuously regulate center management, abundant service function.
Zhu Minyang stressed that to maintain the existing service project has not lost; Other cities should pay attention to research, combining with yangzhou old people demand, increase service facilities, improve the service content; To highlight "old-aged's providing" theme, do not set the function of has nothing to do with the elderly activities; Every new project to be useful, effective and satisfy the elderly. At the same time, must strengthen the software management, improve service levels and ability.
In view of the front road congestion problem, Zhu Minyang requirements, the relevant units and departments should strengthen the surrounding environment and is determined to eradicate the door strong-arming, will it as a comprehensive environmental control content of next year, be solved from the root, create a good environment for the aged.