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Yangzhou process will rise to yangzhou the concentrated area markers you design

Date: 2014-12-11

In order to better yangzhou folk culture inheritance, show the features of yangzhou city, the future of yangzhou process workshop will be promoted to yangzhou non-material cultural heritage concentrated area, formation of yangzhou and text brigade of the east China region's most distinctive combination of comprehensive system. Yesterday, the city of arts and crafts group issued a "collect", to invite public selection, submit intangible concentrated area name, and collect the theme square markers.
Non-material cultural heritage concentrated area, yangzhou is located in a park across the north gate, north shore moat, fang is process transformation development projects. Here to build the municipal arts and crafts group of national intangible cultural tourism complex project, planning and construction of national intangible theme square canal culture, leisure belt, craft exquisite leisure street, intangible live condition exhibits, such as genetic bearing base, culture and art exchange center.
"Intangible agglomeration area is divided into A, B, C, D, E five area." According to the relevant person in charge of arts and crafts group, intangible concentrated area there are "yangzhou technology lane", "yangzhou 486" and "culture" in the left bank of the three names for the selection, "we also welcome selected by submitting their proposed area name."
This also sought the theme square markers. "This marker should reflect yangzhou intangible theme, show yangzhou intangible characteristics of a new era, in harmony with the surrounding environment, aesthetic visual effects." The director said, ultimately selected markers of the authors will receive a reward of $ten thousand.
Citizens can be directly to yangzhou technology lane to submit the name and intangible heritage concentrated area theme square markers. (NieChao ng to)