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The Yangzhou Centre and Residence (Yangzhou Changle Kezhan) is handy to a number of popular Yangzhou attractions such as Ge Garden,  ancient canal,  Zhunti Temple and the Eight Eccentrics Memorial Hall.
This Yangzhou hotel features prominent classical Chinese design elements with its pavilions,  terraces,  latticed windows,  curved eaves,  stone paved road.
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住客评论 1557条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • feifele
    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • apolo2000
    In a quiet, winding streets
  • andyyang11
    Room window faces the corridor is not very convenient
  • Magicmore
    This is second times staying has. battery from parking received lobby, set of two between features houses, to has first, floor, street opposite of Plaza nursery. huge of Plaza nursery, only we a four mouth, alone enjoy a super big private garden. and a park separated by a door outside is noisy of Dong Guan Street, door within is quiet garden, pavilions rockery Waterside. Dad MOM very satisfaction.
  • guoguojy0719
    Hotel is located in Dong Guan Street is a famous attraction in itself, plus go out to eat, very convenient. hotel construction is antique, is very characteristic, has left a deep impression on us. thank you.
  • Apple fucking
    Overall is good. is the result of careful planning, a very good environment, inside and outside the Kanto Street walk, as if crossed between the ancient and modern
  • e00142644
    Very comfortable hotel
  • etain
    Super awesome!
  • bobocome
    Living here is like living in a garden, elegant environment. with the stark contrast of Dong Guan static and dynamic Street, right next door. because it is golden week, so more experience. each day from the bustling Dong Guan Jie walked into the hotel lobby, a kind of paradise feeling.
  • lingwill1
    Location, traffic is very convenient, key living there enjoy the man and nature blend of relaxation and comfort, that is much better than living comfortable high-rise buildings, no door drink can be enjoyed, kids don't want to go home, the hotel can provide rooms yard-even better, easy choice wants to live in the House
  • dongjing10
    Very good, good choice
  • deliaring
    Environment have no say, garden style, excellent
  • Dywlucy half a soul
    Really fine! literally!5 star recommended!
  • gjp_313
    Hotel itself is a big landscape, around garden, Sun Sun Sun, Chamber Taiwan Pavilion, flowers. ancient building protection of is good, hotel of fusion degrees is high. a go in on very relax. room facilities great, to tie whole big environment, internal decoration Chinese style, color stable. live in a floor, lighting bad. Hotel self morning type not more, but taste very better. service thoughtful let people comfortable.
  • suri129
    Environment is really good!
  • AngieDong
    Very beautiful garden view room too small
  • bruceli47
    Like pub environment better than netizens say. specialty areas is with a yard; a green tile courtyard, walk through the yard has antique furniture living room, each has a characteristic residence room. the Inn is a huge garden ... so beautiful ~
  • jianglmm
    Overall good, the only problem is when you check out, not at the front desk asked us if there's a car in the parking lot, to obtain a free ticket, we were out of the parking lot to pay 26 Yuan (hotel invoices to prove is we said, but charges does not endorse, we return to the hotel, and we hurry, just forget about it)
  • icanyoucan
    Recommended about I live of hotel-Yangzhou. Changle Inn; hotel itself is a garden is located in Dong Guan Street Hotel of Qian Office is Street South House staying of room scattered in Inn of garden in Garden deep winding streets each a garden are has himself exclusive of stone road let people not lost live of room two households total with a small hospital has a small of patio removed room partial small again no other shortcomings morning up birds spentBeautiful fragrance recommended [top]
  • liaoyd
    Hotel very good! Yangzhou best of one of! location perfect, environment is national first-class of, but this accommodation encountered has some didn't quality of visitors, was in ancient House Garden in midnight playing poker, loud noise, serious effect has around live guest of rest, insult has ancient Yangzhou, tarnished has ancient jiangdu, such of thing shouldn't appeared in Changle this grade of hotel, please Hotel note
  • e01945134
    Very much, room was very comfortable, service is super star!
  • AWayJiang
    Environment of the hotel excellent, South of the scenery is very beautiful. but the way brother service consciousness, see guests carrying a big box, no help at all, just walk.
  • m00238994
    G in General was very satisfactory. self-driving tour with family. this place is near the scenic area can get up late and then go. is breakfast a little too little. environment. 275 room. I think that price still can be. that's if you want to go to the main city is a bit far.
  • gayguy
    Overall very good, very satisfied.
  • c309710875
    Perfect hotel, especially suitable for visitors to tour, is the transformation of the old House of the Inn itself, but the transformation of the original appearance of the juice, very elegant, and location is very good, at the Centre of Yangzhou street not to go anywhere convenience to Yangzhou later play to live here
  • before
    Environment, good location, good place for leisure.
  • allanboy
    Really good environment, very quiet, breakfast not much variety, but good quality and worth it!
  • btflw
    Garden Hotel, in the ancient street in Dong Guan, Pavilion and Pavilion, the Jiangnan garden style.
  • MANBU163
    Hotel itself is a garden, the environment is very beautiful, the kids had very nice on the inside, the hotel's location is also very good, go to attractions, eating what's easy, next time you will choose to stay.
  • erric
    A very good environment, live, eat more generally. environment and beautiful hotel is always live and eat place. only suitable for Garden not suitable for living.
  • lissy1226
    Come every year, poor conditions, mostly room facility is getting old, because it is the ground floor, the living began to have a lot of bugs, but. have used every year to the next estimated hesitated, looking to improve.
  • aaa606
    Very comfortable-
  • globe1
    Environmental facilities and services are superb, very recommended hotel.
  • nuxane
    Very comfortable hotel, especially suitable for holiday, both inside and outside the hotel was exquisite, two or three day holiday, surrounded by five kilometers have been met.
  • calvinluo
    Feeling comfortable
  • bin4001
    Old house renovated hotel, well kept outdoor garden style, location and surroundings are very well, can experience life in the gardens at close range, they go out the East Street, very convenient.
  • limeilin2006
    Location not to mention, really very good, going out is a park environment is also very good, full of antique architecture, is a rockery courtyard there is water at the door. in sum are good in every respect, the only fly in the ointment is the new fix, and taste, and the Windows were washed corridors, how can not ventilated
  • beifeng10
    Which is very nice
  • wanglei6311
    It's all good, on the tall rooms, the garden is very new. garden setting than an absolute Park ... ... Boss is a man of culture, specialized bookstores, collection many rare thread-bound ancient books, free to the guests reading. garden and Swan, duck ... ... Only objective limit is the way to go point is located in the pedestrian street ... ...
  • BJ....
    Which is very nice
  • pigirl858718
    Dong Guan Jie Center, very good location and very quiet at night so quiet! air conditioning noise is very small. The weather there are mosquitoes and other fine. Breakfast service is also a bit of a mess, I think the Yangzhou all seem to be like this, nobody. supplementary meals are also very slow. Hotel interior is very characteristic, stayed in a hotel for a walk on the first day, compare hotel in front of the packed, still very quiet! Worth inLive.
  • luo5523656
    Beautiful environment, come again!
  • maybe
    Unexpectedly good, quiet inns within a view to want to go to attractions. prices are reasonable, if to Yangzhou, as preferred, HA HA ~ ~
  • cristiano0007
    It's out of this world, I think it is preferred to Yangzhou!
    Are distinctive Inn, quiet, location is also very convenient
  • wjilly
    A very good environment, like crossing the ancient. also at the center of attractions, convenient travel well
  • eivenmomo
    It's beautiful
  • may_mo
    Yangzhou theme hotel, a beautiful environment, complete facilities, excellent service, very happy with it.
  • cason
    Inn is located on West Street, from Yangzhou tourist spots are very close. the hotel itself is a garden, a very good environment, old houses, quiet, living here can no longer have to pay money to see gardens. the only inadequacy is that the drive to not only to walk into.
  • gexiang88
    Inn injustice in the name of Changle, as Villa.